Posted by: shatteredblog | May 4, 2008

Old habits die hard…

There was a time when I was unemployed and I had a character logged into EQ day and night. Most of the time it was a bazaar mule, but I played Kanad alot too… and my hobby in the game was tradeskills. One of the things I did while unemployed was raise my trades to the level that I could do the Aid Grimel line of quests in Plane of Knowledge, that eventually result in the Signet of the Arcane (or if you’re a stabby type, the matching Signet of Might.) This used to be a badge of honor for tradeskill junkies because it both required all skills to be 220+ (starting with smithing, one of the hardest) and it also required access to the Elemental Planes. It took me weeks of in game time, farming velium, then shrieking/wailing essence, then othmir fur just to have the skill to make the combines… then weeks spent in Plane of Fire trying to get the drops to make the fifth step, the Fire Undergarment Tunic.

So, back in the game I was working on a tour of my old haunts and stopped to kill obsidian spiders in Fire. The first spider dropped a Fire Arachnid Silk, which I added to the half stack already in my bag from the old days, but the second one dropped something new.

It is in as unlikely a place as this where adventures begin. The background, for those who are in the dark like me, is that basic jewelcrafting has changed so that the jeweler makes a setting and then ‘cuts’ a gemstone using a cutting tool. Cutting the gemstone makes it into an augment then you can then add to the crafted jewelry setting. With me so far?

My first attempt to cut this stone failed, as EQ Traders pointed out after the fact to me some stones need a jeweler’s glass to cut and I was missing one. Low level stones like my jacinth also required a round cut tool which I already had.

The next issue I ran into was that even after I cut my Jacinth it still had no stats to view. This is because the stats of the gem differ both by the level of the item you’re augmenting and by the player’s level. In order to find out what I had created I needed to find myself a piece of jewelry.

Never let it be said that I’m smart… in looking for a setting to place my gem in I thought of the highest level metal used in jewelcrafting when I played… velium. I find out now that had I bought Palladium then I’d see full statistics at level 65 for these augments. Augmenting the item made it No Trade as well, due to that new attunable flag on the Jacinth.

So, down a few plat and with some new knowledge under my belt I set off to look into other changes in the tradeskill system, starting at the top of course… with the new cultural armor.

Until next time!

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