Posted by: shatteredblog | May 7, 2008

The world as we knew it

Everquest was a world that I loved, but what was it that I enjoyed so much? I think that it’s exactly what is missing now, the community and the people who knew me and who I cared about.

I am proud to have been a part of some really great guilds while I played Everquest, and I am equally as proud to have known some great people.

My first guild was a group of friends who either frequented or worked at a comic shop in the area. The guild was called Justice League of Antonica and it was perfect for the low level experience, taking the frustration out of what were then difficult levels to find groups for. The entire leveling system has changed now of course, but back then you needed a group of friends and with the JLA they were available.

Eventually though, people lose interest in the game and casual guilds fold. I joined Sularus oth Mithas (My Honor is My Life) at the request of friends that I’d made in the JLA, and really enjoyed my time there as well. I even had the chance to attend an iconic EQ wedding while in Sularus oth Mithas, the wedding of Kaltea and Cantril Ivoryshield. They were also the guild that assisted me in the fight for my epic (I know there are new epics now, don’t remind me) the Spear of Fate.

I joined Primordial Fury because of Scior, who was my friend and roommate at the end of college. He had been in the guild for a while, and after temping with them and grouping with them I joined up too. Primordial Fury unfortunately had something of a bad reputation on the Mith Marr server in those days, and not all of it was undeserved. Primordial Fury was on the move up though, and I don’t regret it… it was a chance to see end game content and I feel like through it I was able to experience all aspects of the game. I know that I probably wouldn’t be able to join a raiding guild now, given the hours I work and the rotation of my work schedule, but if I could I think I would want the guild to be one with talented players like those of Primordial Fury.

There were lots of others too, some that I remember and some that I’ve forgotten. People who were guilded and unguilded, casual and raiders, and everyone in between. People like Quelyn, Moska, Mkae, Adiaelaz, Nikki and Emmiy, Tandiienya, Scior and Mahon… and everybody else. It’s that community that kept me playing for so long and it’s that community that is missing for me in the game now.

I think after my free 21 days has passed I’ll walk away from this game again ready to start something new and make some new friends. Everquest 2 is my first stop, but the people who used to be in Primordial Fury are still around in WoW, so I’m sure sometime I’ll be looking them up too. I just hope that wherever I go I can find a place to belong like the place I found in Everquest.


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