Posted by: shatteredblog | May 9, 2008

Ever…. quest? Part 1

Another thing that took up alot of my time in game was the namesake of this world, the questing. Of course, in a dynamic and persistent world like Everquest there were always things that fell by the wayside. Items with unknown uses, rumored recipes, and unimplemented and forgotten quests. I spent alot of time (wasted alot of time?) chasing the ghosts of quests that probably never even existed in the game.

One quest that did exist in the game but was later broken thanks to dynamic content was the quest to collect vials of shadow for Ssynthi the shadowed man. It was a part of the quests linked to the EQ RPG roleplaying game that was introduced by Sword and Sorcery Studios in 2002-2003. The books were originally intended to include hints for quest tie-ins in the online world, quests that you would only find out about in the books. A whole storyline was produced for it, involving the Burning Dead faction of Soulsek Ro worshipers and the second coming of their most powerful figure, Marnek. The most successful of the tie-in quests called for you to collect the components for and craft a phylactery of souls for the Oracle of K’arnon (the unfortunately titled Phylactery Will Get You Nowhere) and another had you assist with warning the Knights of Truth of the plan for Marnek’s return (Resurrection of Marnek the Wicked (good version).)

Unfortunately, at the release of Everquest 2 the RPG line was quickly converted to create hype for the new game and all plans for the EQ RPG line were dropped, and the lesser quests forgotten. The quest I referred to above, Collect Drops of Shadow was one of the casualties. In the quest, Ssynthi the renegade shadowed man told you of a powerful group of his brethren called the Deathspeakers who were assisting the Burning Dead in their plans to cleanse the world. Originally it may have worked, but when the Froglok character race was added to the game one of the vials of shadow that was necessary was removed from the game, along with the shadowed men that dropped it from the camp in Innothule Swamp. I spent alot of time, after the shadowed men disappeared and then after they reappeared later in another patch looking for the eighth vial, to no avail. When I came back into the world I found out that in another event the trolls and dark elves retook Grobb, and thought that Innothule may have been returned to normal as well, but after investigation it looks like shadowed men are once again absent from the swamp and this quest is still lost to time.

One quest that I was able to complete when I came back was the Key to Sleeper’s Tomb, the quest for access into the elite Velious dungeon. Of course, such access is useless now when noone raids Sleeper’s Tomb anymore, and the key isn’t required for access if you are in a raid with a high ratio of keyed players. It is still good to know that some things still work, and Jaled Dar is still a very impressive sight in the game.

Next time on this topic, more old and broken quests… my packrat nature as displayed by the items still saved in my bank and Barbarian Cultural, or “why doesn’t the new task system work the way I think it should?” Until next time.


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