Posted by: shatteredblog | May 20, 2008

Nostalgia in the New World

So this is my introductory message to the New World, having left the Old World behind and starting a new avatar in the shattered world of Everquest 2. After considering the options, I made a Sarnak Assassin named Kasul (no surname yet!)

The Assassin class is really cool, and I don’t think it’s just the newness factor. It’s the evil analogue to the Ranger class, and in the game that translates to something in between the old Rogue and Ranger classes in EQLive. The Assassin has stealth and backstab attacks, but also gets tracking and ranged attack abilities. Bladeshield is even back, under a different name, in the Predator AA line. So far I’m really thrilled with the class, and have really enjoyed the 20 or so hours I’ve spent with it so far.

Some thoughts about the Sarnak… they look extremely cool and with different horn and scale patterns and color customization I’m happy with my uniqueness, but it seems like I’m quite large in comparison to other races in the game. This isn’t a problem solo, but in groups and in old world zones it is a bit unwieldy, especially for a class that does most of its dps when it is behind the mob. I’m hoping that there are shrink potions or something that can remedy this when it becomes annoying.

I also was lucky enough to join the EQ2 Nostalgia guild, playing with Stargrace and Tipa (are you reading their blogs? you should be!) and all my new friends. (I hope we’re friends!) I haven’t been in the guild long yet but I’m looking forward to the benefits that a strong group of friends can bring to what seems like a very strong game thus far.

Ok, enough for now… see you in the Shattered Lands!


  1. It’s been fun grouping (until my internet bumps me off of course, after I kill you a few times) and I’m looking forward to reading more of your adventures! Welcome to Nostalgia the Guild 😉

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