Posted by: shatteredblog | May 23, 2008

Shrinking the Sarnak

So I mentioned last time how large the sarnak is by comparison to other playable races in the game. I took a screenshot for comparison…

Now this isn’t a huge problem I guess, unless you’re in a shattered lands dungeon such as Stormhold trying to follow the cute dark elf showing you around… as a Sarnak you keep bumping your head into the archways supporting the hall and have to duck to scoot underneath, slowing you down. In EQ Live my shaman had a spell that would shrink a player, and could use alchemy to make a shrink potion (in demand for some raids.) He also had an item called the Umbracite Swarm Orb, which when clicked cast a group shrink. The barbarian was a large race in the old game, and so Kanad spent most of his time (when it wasn’t inconvenient to be, like when steps were along the way) shrunk.

My quest for a remedy to hugeness begins after the jump.

Well, unfortunately it seems alchemists in this game do not have access to a potion that can make you small. There was a rumor I read though that the /claim item “a carnivorous plant” had as one of it’s rewards for feeding a toadstool that would let you pull an Alice in Wonderland and become very small. So, off I go to see if the rumor is true.

After claiming my carnivorous plant and scrounging my feeding items from the bank I set about feeding him. One fertilizer, three water and two bones and I have my toadstool. Now to try it out…

Here’s me standing next to the Gorowyn wholesaler normal size…

And here is me with the ‘toadstool’ effect. Ack!

Well, back to the drawing board… wonder if there’s a way out there to shrink the sarnak.


  1. Well. There are methods of shrinking in EQ2 though you may not be able to obtain them right now.

    1. There’s a 4 year veteran reward called a billy doll, that puts you in the form of – billy, the doll. you can /hide the illusion, and it leaves you shrunk.

    2. There are LoN cloaks (from rare loot cards) that also shrink you.

    3. You can do the guise of the deceiver HQ around level 30-35 or so (with a group or some mentor help) that will let you turn into a dark elf. Of course, that sort of defeats you being a sarnak, but you could alternate for those “tight squeeze” places.

    4. Other illusions, come from petrified eyes. An item you obtain from doing collection quests of different bones.

  2. Good suggestions! I would like to do the HQ for the Guise of the Deceiver when it is within range. I also see from EQ2i that one of the Assassin fun spells is an illusion: high elf, so that may be an option when I get to level 40. Still have no idea how to get the fun spells though, so will have to work on that too!

    I bet it was funny watching me bump my head over and over in Stormhold the other day though… 🙂

  3. *grins and keeps all her head banging comments to herself*

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