Posted by: shatteredblog | May 25, 2008

A hunter’s tale, part 1

The hunter walks silently among the dirt of the mountain trail, weaving a path between boulders and following the footprints of his prey. Today it is a kobold, a nasty muscular creature of a savage local pack called the Yipsnarl, wanted for crimes against the sarnak settlement on the coast of the Ocean of Tears.

‘Go, and preform your duities for the good of Gorowyn’ says Ankinil Zo’Ri . The hunter remembers these words and sets to the tracking with glee, knowing that word will spread in his city if he can complete this task.

Assassination requires an intimacy with the target that the rangers of Qeynos can never know, and as the trail becomes fresher the hunter readies his vitriol for the fight. Sensing that his target is near, he feels himself melt away as magical shadows conceal him.

Finding a trail through the rocks and debris is challenging but the hunter is an excellent pathfinder. Drawing on his experience with fighting he allows his villainous nature to build until he is capable of unleashing a flurry of bladed attacks and felling any number of lesser foes. Today though, the target is one and unless the hunter is careless the kill will be quick.

A cluster of tents and campfires over the next rise marks a camp in the boulder-strewn landscape. Empty beer bottles and clawed dirt show it to be the campsite of something more animal than dragon-lizard, the telltale signs of kobolds. The hunter checks the poison on his blades and moves silently into the camp.

The brute that is the hunter’s target is seen tormenting a member of the local fauna. Pulse quickening, the hunter stalks behind his victim and draws on his strength. the kris in his hand flashes black, once and comes back red with the blood of the unsuspecting kobold. Wounded but not yet slain, the snarling beast turns and attacks the hunter.

Calmly applying a strike intended to bleed his prey, the hunter sidesteps the attack. As the poison from his blade and the vitality lost from bleeding take hold, the frothing once proud kobold slumps to the dust. The hunter intones ‘Know that pride was your undoing. The Sarnak were enslaved once, and overcame… we will not be tormented by creatures like you.’ Leaving the prey to die, the hunter’s form melts away into the stone once more.


  1. As always, love to read — but the “read more” button seems to dislike me, and doesn’t work at all, just refreshes the blog (not sure why). Just wanted to give a heads up about it.

  2. Hmm… seems to be ok for me, but maybe that’s because I’m the admin. I took it out of this post for now, let me know if you see any other boo boos 🙂

  3. It could have just been me, computers seem to know when I’m around and like to.. not work. =p

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