Posted by: shatteredblog | May 28, 2008

Life in the Shattered Lands, Tier 3

I’ve been doing alot of questing since getting to level 21. In fact, most of the time I’ve been in the game is questing, and at level 28 I’ve completed almost 200 quests. Zones in EQ2 are broken up into tiers based on difficulty, and the tier 3 (levels 20-29) zones I’ve been spending time in are the Thundering Steppes, Nektulos Forest and Butcherblock Mountains.

There’s alot to do, and I worry that I’m outleveling some of the fun things there are out there still. Guess you can’t worry about things like that, especially since the recent change that still gives you advancement experience for completing quests far below your level. It’s never a problem to go back and try out a quest you missed the first time.

Kragploom Representatives in Butcherblock

One quest I did recently involved an ongoing storyline from Timorous Deep that carried through into Butcherblock. The Kunark aviak (the Haoaerans) were attempting to ally with the Faydwer aviak (the Kragplooms.) My job was to do the ‘assassination’ thing on the emissary from each group.

Haoaeran Diplomat in Butcherblock

Another quest (which Stargrace helped me start!) is the Berik’s Revenge quest in Stormhold. Berik is an intelligent thunder longsword you see, who is upset at living among undead for so long and not being able to kill any. So, he tasks you with random slaughter of anything that used to walk upright (and still does, just without skin or flesh) and then specific revenge on his creators. The reward for this one (which I still haven’t completed) is Berik himself.

Bad Tempered Berik

I also started a fun quest line in Thundering Steppes what took me into an instanced zone. There’s a guy who delivers the mail in the Steppes named Jacques who gives you a letter to take to a halfling at the docks who then asks you to find his grandfather. Seems gramps likes to wander off along the beach looking for buried treasure, and you find him in his hole.

Running through the hole all you see are rats, which are easy… then you run into pirates! Guess old gramps wasn’t as senile as everyone thought!

Eventually you find gramps deep in the hole, who tells you that he’s looking for his wife who he thinks was captured by the pirates when the fishing boat they were in was rammed by a pirate ship full of pie-hungry pirates (a long story.) He asks you to find grandma for him, which leads into another quest I haven’t yet looked into!

Last but not least I started the level 20 armor upgrades in the city of Freeport, which I would never have found except for the great writeup at EQ2i. It’s a small problem that I have with the game thus far, that quests from Gorowyn don’t lead you to quests from Freeport, so armor upgrades like these which are useful would probably be missed by someone who hadn’t played before or started in one of the new cities. It’s a minor gripe though, considering how much fun I’ve been having.

See you in the world!


  1. I’ve always wondered why there aren’t similar armor quests in Gorowyn and Kelethin like there are Freeport and Qeynos. Perhaps they think that the armor drops you’ll get from the quest timelines running through Butcherblock Mountains will be enough to satisfy? Dunno.

    Happy Questing,

    Kodia Tomekeeper

  2. Glad to see you’re having so much fun! I apologize for hiding out in EQ1 so often lately, no doubt I’ll be revitalized about EQ2 before too long though. 🙂

  3. Even leaving the current Freeport/Qeynos armor quests as the only option would be fine, if at the same time as shoving you toward Butcherblock they also send you toward the Shattered Lands. One gripe I have about the game is that the expansions seem very disconnected from the rest of the world, at least so far. Maybe it’s just the choice they made to have Butcherblock boats only connect to TS and Nek, and the min level for those zones and the levels the armor quests start are a bit apart.
    A grudge post about things I miss from EQ and things that have just been problems for me will be coming, I don’t mean to get into it here.
    Thanks for the comments!

  4. Well, I think the very point *is* that they’re disconnected. The very fabric of the planet was torn when the Gods removed themselves. As for leaving the Freeport/Qeynos armor quests there only, the designers have worked really hard to flow people through the game to the next “area” of content so they don’t get lost. In point of fact, that specifically *wasn’t* there when the game first launched. It’s so much of an improvement that you can’t imagine. I suspect they might see directing someone from Gorowyn to Neriak or Freeport as somewhat of a disruption to the flow that they’ve worked so hard to maintain. But you have identified a flaw (in my opinion). The armor quests were some of the great fun of my youth in game. It seems a shame that they didn’t extent this (or if they did, make them more obvious) to other cities.


  5. I’m not disagreeing, the theme of the game is that the world is slowly rebuilding after the Shattering and that thematic design choice is a good reason for keeping the cities separate.

    I don’t know whether I should feel bad about missing out on the excitement of a new world I might have had when the game started or feel good that I am able to do things like the armor quests when it is still level appropriate and useful instead of only finding out after it has gone gray. At least Sony has been clear on their opinion of it, they told us way back in 1999: “You’re in Our World Now!”

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