Posted by: shatteredblog | June 3, 2008

Mistakes and Good Intentions

It was a long weekend in the game, and I feel like I made very little progress even though Kasul is now a 33 assassin and I have a 25 carpenter alt (she says she’s an interior designer!) It’s all because I screwed up, and that screw up turned into a) wanting to do something nice for the guild and then b) frustration over not being able to. I feel better about it now, but maybe I should tell you the whole story.

It all started in Edgewater Drains. I was there working on the level 20 armor quest for shoulders and along the way I picked up several quick quests killing monsters in the sewers. Feeling pretty good about the adventure, I turned in the collected items and got back my arms, then put loot on the broker to try to make some coin from the gear that dropped that I didn’t need. I camped for the night, then I realized I screwed up.

I’d killed several named in Edgewater, and I’d even looted a new dagger. Among the other random loot that dropped was an innocuous item, called a palladium torque. Along with the other loot from the trip, I put it on the broker… for 1g 50s. After camping I was reading up on the Heritage Quests available near level 30, as the guild plans to work on them together eventually. Reading the entry on EQ2i for A Strange Black Rock, I realized my mistake. Not only had I sold an item that I would need for a quest, I sold it at a steal… I logged on to check the broker but it was too late, the torque was gone.

Feeling pretty chastened, and looking for a way to make the most of the learning experience, I decided to turn my error into the guild’s gain and hunt for the advanced jeweler volume 28 recipe book. You see, the quest is pretty nonspecific about what item you hand in: it can be a dropped palladium torque, or a dropped palladium bangle or a crafted version of either. Kasul is a jeweler, and at level 28 jewelers can craft a pristine fashioned palladium bangle if they’ve obtained the advanced recipe book. My idea was that this way my guildmates wouldn’t have to pony up 35g to buy a bangle on the broker, they’d only need to find a palladium cluster and then I could make the bangle no charge. If you’re unfamiliar with tradeskill books in EQ2, they’re obtained in a few different ways: 1) For tier 3 books, you can select one as the reward for a quest given by your home city’s trade guild. I’d already done the quest and selected the level 29 book at random as my reward. 2) You can buy it on the broker. On Najena this book sells for ~85g before broker fees, and I only have 40g to my name. Last, 3) you can loot the book as encounter loot from a mob of the same level. So, off to Nektulos Forest I went to hunt level 28 mobs.

I began at level 31, 70% or so of the way to level 32. In Nektulos, there’s an area called Bone Lake where mobs that are level 26-28 spawn, most of which are neither aggressive or social. My plan was to track blue mobs, kill the level 28s and leave the level 27s be. After a round around the lake or two, I began to also kill the green level 26 mobs to try to increase respawns. Doing this I obtained several spells, and a few quest starter items Including the key to the Witches’ Cove instance of the Cauldron Hollow. No tradeskill books, unfortunately.

At level 32 the only blues on track at the lake were level 28 mobs, so things became easier. This also allowed me to expand my search to the area between N’Marr’s Ascent and Bone Lake, killing level 28 rotwood treants and quetzanek in addition to the blacktimber treants, ash wraithes and sullian fairies I had been killing. I obtaned three carbonite scimitars, a few pieces of random armor, more spells and the level 27 woodworker book but no carpenter book.

At level 33 the mobs went green on track and I was back to visually confirming levels. I circled the lake a few more times and went further west in the zone to the old druid ring, surrounded by halfling ghosts of levels 28-31 (so I could kill the greens). At around 18% of level 34, and after several hours of this (with selling time) I gave up and did tradeskills with the materials I collected along the way.

I do have a new plan, so all is not lost. I’m going to try to make and sell Ash Strongboxes with my gnomie to make the money to buy the book. At 1g per box I only need to sell around 80 of them to make enough coin… or fewer if I can sell some of the spells Kasul looted while searching. I’ll be sure to let you know the outcome, but until then… does anyone need a box or two?



  1. Ack!

    Sorry to hear about your ‘learning experience’

    I can also help out with whatever you need, just let me know. I know I’ve been spending all my time in EQ1 (I can’t help it, the game has a huge hold on me right now) BUT I am always willing to help where I can (the joys of station access).

    Remember you can turn off your exp completely, if you want to smush for books. Just right click your exp bar.


  2. I knew you could turn off combat experience, I remember reading it in a guide that recommended it to build ap on the way to the level cap. Now that you can get ap exp for gray quests I thought it would probably be better to leave it on.

    Hunting the book was frustrating over the weekend, so I think I’ll try to make some money and buy it instead. When my gnomie carpenter gets to level 26 she can make the fir scroll stand which should improve the money I can make from jewelcraft.

    I’m glad you’re having fun in EQ… sorry I’m not there to play with you all. I’m having fun solo, and it’s a good way to learn the strengths of the class. That said, come visit sometime anyway!

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