Posted by: shatteredblog | June 5, 2008

Interior Design 101

This is a quick post to introduce Oracia, my newest avatar. Kasul was getting a little sick of looking at the six slot bags in his inventory and the books piled up on the tiny table they give you when you first enter your house, and decided to hire an interior decorator – so enter the gnome.

She’s a level 27 carpenter now, and well on her way to making high end useful items. The ash strong boxes I mentioned in the last post (that aren’t selling very well) are her making, as well as the new rug and paintings and chair and bed Kasul has in his hole in the wall in Gorowyn.

Carpentry is a different animal than Jewelcraft, which Kasul took as a tradeskill. I’m not saying that the interface is different, it’s not… the difference is that there are far fewer recipes at each level and they’re spread out over three types of workstations. for the last four or so levels most of my experience has come from doing rush orders on Oracia, where Kasul can do all the recipes for a level and then repeat one or two and reach the next level.

Farming for Tier 4 materials now, to upgrade my skills on Kasul. I’m looking forward to higher levels and new crafted items.


  1. I LOVE carpenters *swoons* so many pretty house things!

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