Posted by: shatteredblog | June 19, 2008

Recent Events and Shrinking the Sarnak, Part II

Since the last post I made I’ve been playing alot. So much in fact that I’m now level 46 with 53 ap! I thought it was time to talk again about what I’ve been doing while in game, and give more observations on the sarnak.

First of all, I’ve taken a cue from Stargrace and gone house decorating crazy. Oracia is now a level 31 carpenter and her level will probably be 40 before Kasul is a level 50 jewelcrafter. I bought my first housepet (other than the claimed carnivorous plant, who is in the house vault now,) a kitty named Oliver after one of my real life kitties. Since this picture was taken I’ve moved the fish on the wall there and put in a hearth, and brightened up the wall around it with some other trophies. I’m thinking that I’ll probably buy the Gorowyn 5 room home soon, as the price is very affordable and I could use the broker space, but I want to have a better idea of what furniture to put there before I leave my cozy one room.

I ran the first quest in the Bloodline Chronicles questline the other day. It’s strange, that the line is all solo difficulty but requires access to an instance in Nek Forest (Crypt of T’Haen) that you have to complete a heroic quest to have. I attempted to run the evil access quest A Small Sampling but even ten levels above the quest level and fighting gray level 31-33 mobs I wasn’t able to even kill one of the named.

I also went back and finished more steps on the Heritage Quests that I’ve been putting off. I wanted to do these with the guild but everyone is having fun in EQLive enjoying the Living Legends promotion and you can’t blame them for that. I completed the Journeyman’s Boots and the Dwarven Work Boots (where grandpappy Rucksif is from) solo and made progress on the Glowing Black Stone and the Polished Granite Tomahawk. I also jumped into a couple good groups in the Feerott and Zek and completed The Stein of Moggok, The Shiny Brass Shield and The Short Sword of Ykesha this week, bringing my completed total to nine HQs. The EQ2 Nostalgia guild also made level 11 yesterday.

Other than that I’ve been looking for new ways to combat the sarnak size issue that bothers me. I didn’t know when I wrote Shrinking the Sarnak but there are copious illusion items available in the game, which is sometimes almost as good as shrink. Here’s one of me as an orc using an orc illusion from one of the Bertoxxulous deity quests.

The Woodworker tradeskill can also make totems that give you health/power regeneration buffs and runspeed buffs that have illusion effects attached. Here’s me running around Stormhold as a rat. A problem with these is the illusion suspends while in combat, so it wouldn’t help with combat positioning in tight quarters.

In addition to these there are racial illusions given by collection quests and I think I saw a merchant in the sinking sands who had a few illusion potions for sale. I’ll keep you updated on what else I can find.

Until next time, see you in the game!


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