Posted by: shatteredblog | June 23, 2008

Morning game updates should be earlier

Well, this is the second short morning patch that I’ve been awake and already in the game for… is that a bad sign? During the downtime I thought I should catch you up on what has been happening since I last posted.

I’m sure you’ve already been reading her blog but in case you haven’t… Stargrace has been playing more EQ2 in the last week. It’s a nice change of pace to have someone to talk to in the game after playing mostly solo for the first 40 levels. It also gives us a chance to work on collecting status for the guild and doing a few Heritage Quests that would be too difficult to do on my own.

One of those HQs was the Guise of the Deceiver, one of the must have rogue items from the old game and even though it can be used by everybody now it is still a very nice item to have. The only problem is that while in illusion form you can’t choose your character’s appearance (I suppose you could by changing your original appearance, as the two are probably tied) and in dark elf illusion I have a very odd triple ponytail mohawk haircut. I’m afraid to take my helm off for fear of eternal shame…. Star claims that using the SOGA model for dark elves it looks fine but I’m still afraid 😦

We also completed the Fishbone Earring HQ while in Nektropos Castle, as it also requires the death of the main boss of that zone. This one was fun, it involved a barbarian in the Thundering Steppes who thought he lost his earring but after sending you to search land and sea and kill several powerful mages and undead pulls a necklace out of his pocket that the earring had been made into. As he pulls it out of his pocket of course, the necklace breaks and he hands it to you.

I’ve also traded in my one room apartment for a bright shiny new five room Gorowyn loft. It is maybe a third decorated so far, and the rooms are so huge that I’m only using two of them to start and the bigger of the two is divided by redwood dividers into more manageable space. It’s a challenging home to have to decorate, I hope my gnomie (she’s on contract for shinies and cookies) can manage the job.

I am also level 50 now, which means a full transition into Everfrost, Lavastorm and the Sinking Sands. Should be fun to see the new zones that I’d only been to the zone in before now.

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