Posted by: shatteredblog | June 30, 2008

Experience Bonus Weekend Wrapup

It was a fun weekend in the game, even after the events I attended out in the real world (a birthday party on Saturday and a cookout on Sunday – both during the rain of course!) The biggest news is that EQ2 Nostalgia is now level 15! I’m really excited about this, as it gives us the chance to design a guild cloak to wear. No more Gnomeland Security gray for me… once Stargrace decides what she wants the heraldry to be that is šŸ™‚

I feel like I accomplished alot this weekend, though maybe I could have made better use of the experience bonus. Saturday morning and part of the afternoon I worked on Tinkering, and now Kasul is a 140-skill dabbler. In the afternoon I attempted to do the third in the quest series for Bertoxxulous (which I’ll talk more about when I have more time to) and then played a little catch-up with old gray quests that had been sitting in my quest journal forever.

Sunday was my day for Jewelcrafting, as I told you I bought a few stacks of fulginate and loam to try to grind out level 50 while the exp bonus was in effect. I didn’t make it, but Kasul is now a level 49 (and 70%) jewelcrafter. Stargrace did make it to 50 on her carpenter, so go congratulate her on that! I know she says I coerced her but how is that possible… she’s the one playing the coercer! If anything made her stay it’s how pathetic the sarnak begging animation looks, which I’ll post a screenshot of when I can log in to get one.

The good thing about her staying is that it was what helped the guild get to level 15! If she’d left we’d still be stuck at 14, as she wouldn’t have been around to run the carpenter writs to push that exp bar up.

I know this post is coming off as more of a tease than news, so I’m sorry for that. Disclaimer below, for more background on that.

One last bit of news, EQ2 Nostalgia has a new member! Welcome to Vlcan, who brings the sarnak total (and the priest total) in the guild one higher. We’ll have to put together a group and run through some of the content I flew by while soloing soon!

(Note: This post is an experiment of mine to see if it’s possible to make a blog post before I go to work, so if it seems short or unintelligible then that is why. Thank you for reading anyway.)


  1. Well.. you’ll be happy to know.. guild dinged 16.. and I hit level 54… In about 3 hours give or take today. You’ll have to browse through the options for guild cloak too and help decide on something! I’ll give it a peek later on today more then likely. Though now I’m wondering if I should push for 55!

    Gotta love Canadian holidays *grins*

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