Posted by: shatteredblog | July 2, 2008

News for the 4th of July

Logging into the game right now, but I wanted to do my part and pass news along…

According to posts on the EQ2 official forums they’re planning to have another double experience weekend this weekend! Producer Kirstie says that :

The planned start time is Thursday at 3pm PDT and should go through till Monday 10am

– K

Edit: I really meant to type Thursday not Tuesday, sorry about that.

Hopefully with the early start tomorrow I can get a little use out of the extra time too… but the other weekend days I have to work 😦

Bigger post later!


  1. Gah! Saw your carpenter hanging out in guild and the moment I logged in you poofed!

    Glad to hear they’re adding another bonus for exp! Guess I’ll save up some vitality in the mean time..

  2. […] again today at 6pm EST and runs until 1pm EST on Monday. Thanks again to Kasul for tipping me off in his recent post. Hope everyone gets to take advantage of […]

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