Posted by: shatteredblog | July 8, 2008

Experience Bonus Weekend Wrapup… but I had to work :(

Our good friends at Sony made this past holiday weekend another bonus experience weekend, which was super nice of them! Unfortunately, I had to work and was unable to take much advantage of it. I did get to play a bit in the evenings, and it wasn’t a loss at all!

Kasul is now a level 54 jewelcrafter. My goal was to gain one tradeskill level each night while the experience bonus was in effect and it ended up being easier than I thought! Of course, even this accomplishment doesn’t come without some humbling experience… when I was working through new recipes for level 52 I made a skill that I hadn’t purchased to replace the old one! It was quite embarassing.

I also had an opportunity to go through a couple instances for the first time over the weekend. Stargrace, Shadowgeist and I ran through the Mines of Meldrath and Hidden Cache in quick succession on Friday. Yesterday my good friend Vyking, Stargrace and I took a group back into Mines of Meldrath and then attempted Court of Innovation but were unsuccessful… too much holiday revelry I think šŸ™‚

Did you see Stargrace’s post today about joining a raiding guild? Back in EQLive when I was an unemployed and slacking college student I was in a raiding guild and really had alot of fun with it. I don’t know what the endgame looks like in EQ2 but I’m hoping that when I get there a spot might be available for an assassin with a few too many weekdays off. The endgame for assassins seems to be highly competitive, with dps as the stat to beat. A glance at the EQ2Flames forums shows endless posts about upgrading weapons, and collecting gear that adds to Combat Arts damage to squeeze out every bit of damage potential from your character. It will hopefully be a forgiving enough system that when I get there a place will be available for me.

Of course, the endgame doesn’t start until level 76+, and there is alot to learn about the world between me and that milestone. Next on the list is finishing the quests in Lesser Faydark, beginning the quests in the Tenebrous Tangle and actively looking for groups in instances and zones that I haven’t yet seen. I’d say the next few weeks look pretty bright!

See you in the game!


  1. Have fun while you’re gone, you’ll be missed!

  2. Guess I should have said “See you in the game next week!” huh?

    šŸ™‚ Don’t wait up for me, go have fun raiding and killing the big baddies.

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