Posted by: shatteredblog | July 28, 2008


This weekend was a big one, as it marked my first entry into the high level EQ2 game. This weekend I leveled (with the help of double experience and a few great groups) first to 64, then 65 and on Saturday night 66. Hitting the 65 mark has been a big goal for me, as that is the first level you can group with a level 80 character and not have to use the mentor system. I was also lucky enough to get to go to a few instances on Sunday… and remember this was my first time going!

We started off at the Obelisk of Blight, in the Lesser Faydark… then moved to Crypt of Valdoon, off the Loping Plains.  Both zones were super fun, even if the mobs in them were mostly yellow and scary to me.

After a short break we moved on into Unrest, which is not the same old zone I remember from the old game. Along the way were lots of surprises, including an ill-tempered chef and an unhappy estate owner. Lots of fun too 🙂

Along the way the Assassin class helm dropped, which was amazing. It’s an embarrassing story what happened after it dropped, but a big thank you to the invisible puppeteer who pulled the strings and dropped it into my bag. It actually is my second piece of class armor, as Stargrace (who is super sweet) gave me the shoulderpads as a gift a while ago.

After many more mobs we made it down to the heart of the zone, where everybody’s favorite bloody undead dwarf makes his home. He’s the worst host though… he makes you put him back together before he finally makes his grand entrance.

It was a great weekend, and in addition to the helm I pucked up a tunic, a bow and a new dagger… none of which I can use until I get to 69 (or 70 as the case may be). Lots of work left to go, but I’m getting there… and I hope you stick around to read about it.


  1. Congratulations on everything! I’m looking forward to mooching some experience off of you with the templar in RoK *grins*

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