Posted by: shatteredblog | August 19, 2008

when ‘Casual’ is too much

First, the big news that’s so old it’s really no longer news at all… the shaman is back. I had him transferred to Luclin to join forces with the Nostalgia team, and since moving him his gear has gotten quite a bit better!

The guild is capped at level 60 while we move through pre-planes of power content, so Kanad lost the Elemental armor he had won while raiding so long ago. Rosrak’s boots, bracer and gloves along with the Gleaming Mesh Girdle have been replaced by defiant chain and a belt I found on the broker. I also have been working toward jewelry upgrades, have one ring done and am planning to replace my other ring and my Marked Signet with palladium jewelry.

The sarnak has been busy too, doing quests in Kylong Plains and reaching level 71 earlier in the week. I’ve made not so cautious forays into Fens of Nathsar today, and have died… alot. I think at 46% to 72 I may have to go back to Kylong and do writs for Gorowyn or possibly get into a group to run through Karnors or somewhere else I haven’t been to get stronger for Fens. Big upgrades coming at 72, four new skills, new poison and sword, and a new belt. I’m looking forward to it.



  1. I find it almost astounding that you haven’t leveled to 73 just off of the KP quests as well as the other ones very close to that level (the rest of LP, Bonemire, etc etc). Make sure you’ve done all the quests for KP, they should all be solo (minus the ones given for other zones and the Fistfull of metal branch). Fens is really hard until to hit 73 or so, then it gets much easier. Well, it should in any case.

    Congratulations on all the progress, of course!

  2. I did find one quest line I was missing in KP when I looked at EQ2i last night. And I still need to run around Fens looking for discos.

    Don’t forget too that I’ve died like 30 times in the past four days. :\ So that reduces the upward trend of my exp bar.

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