Posted by: shatteredblog | August 22, 2008

Nostalgia weekend – part 1

Another Nostalgia weekend in Everquest, and with the hot zone change this week our locale of choice to level moved from Riwwi, to Plane of Storms… and then to Old Sebilis when it was realized we still have a guildmate who lacks the levels to enter Storms.

Sebilis is the zone of a thousand adds, and tonight was no exception. Our group ended up accidentally aggroing the Echo of Sebilis quest mob and ended up with several deaths. The plus side of that is Kanad got a chance to do some studying about fellowships while waiting to break back into Sebilis, as you can see above. He’s now a proud member of the Nostalgia fellowship, which means he can both help create and teleport to campfires created by the other fellowship members.

We did end up breaking back in, and crawling through the juggernauts made it to Trak’s lair. No sign of either the poison dragon or his frog henchman (our original target), but a good time was had by all nonetheless.

Kanad is at the current level cap of 60, so all experience was going to aa tonight. I got to 231 aa points, and bought the Secondary Forte aa giving me a new cap of 100 for Specialize: Conjuration. My primary specialization as a shaman of course is Alteration, capped at 235. Few aas remaining now until I can level again… Combat Stability, Healing Gift and Healing Adept are next on my list to buy.

Next week, more leveling… hopefully in Plane of Storms if the group trying Plane of Justice trials is successful. I know I’m looking forward to it! And coming tomorrow, EQ2 Nostalgia enjoys the double experience weekend in game! Writeup to follow.


  1. Hope you had oodles of fun!

  2. No, I am NOT ignoring you!!!!

    I saw your message when I logged out of EQ last night, but you had logged off šŸ˜¦


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