Posted by: shatteredblog | September 1, 2008

Guild Hall Preparations

The buzz in EQ2 is all about the new expansion, which the recent live events have been slowly leading up to. The next new live event will also involve a quest to help with construction of the long awaited Guild Halls, something you probably already guessed if you’ve had reason to stand at the Commonlands docks long enough to hear the foreman gripe about his shortage of materials.

The foreman isn’t the only one who’s a bit short of having a completed guild hall, Nostalgia is as well. Thanks to Tipa’s move to Najena (welcome Dorah (Dora)!) we have enough personal status, but the guild lacks in levels. So, we have a goal meet… push the guild to level 30 by the end of September, a little more than one guild level a week.

We’re encouraging folks to group on Saturdays for Guild Status Saturdays… last week we did the Dwarven Ringmail Tunic quest for four of us, this weekend maybe Greater Lightstone if we have a balanced group together, maybe Dwarven Work Boots if we don’t. The quickest method to earn status of course is tradeskilling, and Tipa, Stargrace and I have all been hitting the writs hard to add to the guild’s total.

Have to leave time for hunting too, and with the new changes to city faction I can take writs from any of the evil ambassadors in Dreg’s Landing. I’ve been taking advantage, every trip into Fens I grab writs for rhinos, ‘trices, tigers (they see invis, have to kill them anyway) and brutes. It’s slow but it’s status with experience.

The guild goal is Level 30, and I’m making a personal goal too. I’d like to have by the end of the month level 70 jewelcraft on Kasul and between his status and Oracia’s status have 3 million to contribute toward amenities for the guildhall. It’s not a lofty goal, I know… but I think it’s a good place to start.



  1. *cheers for you*

    Congratulations on all the hard work.. I’ve been slacking since my crafters are such a low level now *pouts*

  2. Hey! You’ve been linked in the town crier, congratulations!! =D

  3. I saw the link on the town crier too but Star beat me too it 🙂 Gratz Kasul!

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