Posted by: shatteredblog | September 4, 2008

Guild Hall Preparations – Update

Things are going quite well working toward our Guild Hall. Since Monday Kasul has leveled to 67 Jewelcrafting, and collected tons of status from doing writs. I also hit max faction with Rilis in the Fens of Nathsar, and set aside the recipie books for when I am level 70 and can scribe them. I am hoping to assist the guild with making level 26 by the weekend, keeping us on track for level 30 by month’s end.

I also found time to level up to 74 Assassin too, from a combination of solo questing and grouping in Kunzar Jungle. Not too much further to go before I’ll be able to join groups doing the instances in Kunark, and really be able to contribute in a group. I’m really looking forward to it!

Have you seen the reward for the new Guild Hall harvesting quests? Stargrace got hers earlier today, along with the discovery for a couple of plushies from the revamped Everfrost. I’ve got a soft spot for house items, and will probably be making the dragon my next goal for in game. Thankfully, the quests give status as well as cool rewards so doing them is rewarding for the guild as well as me!

I also looked into Legends of Norrath, haven’t actually tried to play the game yet but did check posted trades to see what loot cards were worth. I was interested in seeing what a Token of Loyalty was going for… that’s the item that increases the amount of status that is contributed to the guild. It seems to be highly prized, the cheapest offer I saw for one was 7 tournament packs, the equivalent of $70. A steep price to pay, but it would make leveling the guild much faster. Maybe I’ll buy a booster or two and get lucky, once I get into the game.

Hope everyone is enjoying their evenings!


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