Posted by: shatteredblog | September 21, 2008

Dawn on the Isle

So I decided to make full use of my Station Access and buy Vanguard, which comes with the best possible recommendation from Stargrace and was really cheap at my local Gamestop (only $19.99!) Most of last sunday was spent waiting for the game to patch and since then I’ve spent the week working my way through the quests on the Isle of Dawn.

I made a varanthari (varathari?) shaman on the Seradon server, and later on chose Artificing and Quarrying/Lumberjacking for crafting and harvesting skills. The Isle of Dawn has three major quest hubs and follows the story of the Kojani villagers of Sun Village and their battle with the local hobgoblin population. The dynamic changes when a rogue Kojani priest calls forth the Ulvani in an attempt to control the islands and later all of Kojan. As an outsider who has come to assist in the battle it’s your job to discover the true nature of the threat and use whichever sphere of influence you wish to bring an end to it.

The three spheres in Vanguard are Adventuring, Diplomacy and Crafting; on the Isle of Dawn each one makes an important contribution to the fight. The Adventurers protect the village and farms from enemies, the Diplomats negotiate for and then speak in support of a truce between the villagers and the hobgoblins, and the Crafters make weapons and fortifications to be used in the effort. The stories and quests for all three are very well written, and were alot of fun to work through.

The shaman class is fun to play as well. Strong heals are complimented by direct damage and slow, and utility spells that affect movement speed and statistics make the class a well rounded addition to any group. At level 10 I could train my first resurrect spell, as well as a spell that summons an item that a group member could use to resurrect me if I were to die in group. At level 10 I also obtained the first of the Aspects, which allow me to form bonds with spirits to enhance my own spellcasting. I can either opt to enhance my healing abilities or add to the potency of my damage spells right now, but from what I’ve read there are other abilities to obtain as you become stronger.

Harvesting and crafting in the game seem very complex, but also quite rewarding. My race gets a bonus to Quarrying (gathering stone and gems) and I did alot of that in preparation for crafting proper. I’m not sure if I should specialize as a mineralologist (to make jewelry/stone weapons) or a Carpenter (house items/wooden weapons) yet, but I plan to find out more about both of them soon.

Diplomacy was extremely fun to play, and seemed a unique addition to a hard fantasy game like this. The card system and the progressive dialogue that battles unlock held my interest and made me wish the quests continued a bit longer. Really looking forward to seeing what a diplomat can accomplish once leaving the Isle of Dawn.

Kanad made it to level 10 in all three spheres this morning, the maximum advancement possible on the isle… so stepping out into the rest of the world is the next step. I’m looking forward to it, the game has been great so far with only a few easily managed bugs cropping up. More about Vanguard, and news from EQ2 in my next post! 🙂


  1. Glad to hear you’re having so much fun!!! *HUGS*

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