Posted by: shatteredblog | September 30, 2008

Master Jeweler

Things in Everquest 2 are good recently, Kasul is now a Master Jeweler and thanks to the help of a few good friends has his Earring of the Solstice. It feels pretty good to have that item in both games now, though I have to say the tradeskill mods and run speed buff make this version my favorite šŸ™‚

A side benefit of the Earring quest is a fancy cloak too, which I really like. The detail on it is great, love how the inside layer looks like it is covered in soft down. A very nice prize from a fun questline.

The careful reader might notice a new house item in that screenshot too! It’s the /claim reward from the latest issue of Beckett Massive Online Gamer that you may have heard of from Stargrace’s post about it. I was lucky enough to get the discovery for it on the Najena server, which was exciting.

In other news Kasul has leveled to 77 and is nearly a Master Assassin now. The guild has also been busy and is now level 28, not too much more to go for our Guild Hall when the patch is live. Everyone has been working quite hard to move the guild forward and I’m quite proud of what we’ve accomplished.



  1. Congratulations again on reaching level 80 jeweler! That cloak looks great on you!

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