Posted by: shatteredblog | October 3, 2008

Big Push to 80

Long weekend for me with no work, and I’m going to try to get as close to 80 as possible on the sarnak. Yesterday with some help from Stargrace I made level 78, and when I camped for the night I had 33% exp into that level. It seems like whatever hump I was struggling with at 68-71 has passed now, as quests seem much easier and I am dying much less frequently while solo. I think it may just have been an equipment issue, as once I bought a full suit of mastercrafted tier 8 armor and then upgraded my jewelry things have become much better.

It looks like I’m at the point where the only quests I have left in Kunzar Jungle are repeatables and Heroic so today will be Jarsath Wastes. I know I just commented on how easy breezy the last couple levels have been and JW is probably going to break me of that notion very quickly. I think I may keep an eye out for anyone needing people in a zone/area I haven’t been yet, City of Mist and Karnor’s Castle come to mind. A few good discos and aa for named there would be a big help along the way.

Speaking of AA, Kasul has 128 points as of this morning, and has completed just over 1000 quests. I’m proud of that number, 1000 quests is quite an accomplishment I think. With only 12 aa to go my points are spent pretty much the way they will be at 140, only missing a few in poisons on the assassin tree for Frontload. Once I get a few more points I’ll post how I’m currently assigned for you to gawk at.

Well, back to it. There’s more on the way this weekend!

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