Posted by: shatteredblog | October 4, 2008

Dungeons and Dragon Lizards

Another day, another level! Kasul is a level 79 assassin now, thanks to a good group crawling through Chardok and working for the Sel’Nok in Jarsath Wastes. I’m still hoping to reach 80 before the end of the weekend, though I need to find some time to work on guild status and perhaps get a group together to grind Synod Reet faction as well. It’s needed for my epic, and unfortunately it’s not something you can work on solo.

This was my first time into Chardok, and that zone is incredibly beautiful. A fitting citadel for the children of Atrebe, a creation that succeeded beyond his wildest dreams. The group I went in with had both a necromancer and a warden needing epic quest updates in the zone, so getting those were our primary goal.

We crawled through the zone to the throne room first, as the necromancer needed the Queen for his update. She wasn’t home, but the royal delegate she left in charge worked for the quest just fine.

The warden wasn’t so lucky, unfortunately… she needed a random update from archimage mobs wandering in the courtyard of the palace. After clearing the area for a while we killed 20 or so of them but no update.

Chardok was a surprisingly rough zone for me. Maybe it was my level, or maybe it was the pick up group but I died alot on the way through. I need to look into getting a repair kit made for times like this, and perhaps carrying some threat reducing poison for the really bad times. Need to upgrade my threat lowering skills too.

Earlier this week my friend Vyking from <Flying Daggers> invited me along to Halls of Fate for a couple runs. I haven’t done much grouping in the Kingdom of Sky content, so it was fun to go and see the content.

Working toward level 80, and guild level 30 is the plan for today. Enjoy your days, whatever you are into!


  1. Congratulations on dinging 79, I’m glad to see you’re flying through the levels! I wish I had the patience for more RoK…

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