Posted by: shatteredblog | October 14, 2008

Discord and Honor

Have you seen Stargrace’s post about the Festival of Discord? It’s a huge player run event happening on the roleplaying server Antonia Bayle all this week. It happens with the participation and blessing of the developers, and Gnobrin was on for a while yesterday decorating though I came too late to see him. I made a defiler on the server and hopefully I’ll get to go to a few events, even if being low level means I won’t be able to participate much.

Here’s another view of the great festival grounds that they have set up. On the map of the commonlands on the schedule page, this is “The Commons.”

I’ve been slowly working on Kasul’s epic quest. Finished the gathering of materials to make Sathirian Poison for the first step and now I’ll need a group to go deep into Sebilis and find an alchemist table and then hang out for the 15 min or so while I combine them. Afterwards, I’ll have to do repeatable quests for Synod Reet faction in Sebilis to buy one of the bits for the next step in the quest. I’m not in any big rush, the Assassin epic is fairly drawn out and I know even with a solid group it’s more than can be done in one day. The weapon upgrade would certainly be nice though.

In other news, saw a post over on reviewing the new Space Marines codex for Warhammer 40K. From the writeup, it sounds like the flow of the battle has changed alot from when I played, with elites no longer being scoring units and vehicles taking a prominent role in army creation. I used to play Tyranids, and I wasn’t very good… a good Space Marines player of any flavor could mop the floor with me in any match. Tyranids (or my army at least) rely on breaking enemy units and then mopping them up while they run, but unfortunately Space Marines have the nasty auto rally ability and very high morale. Anyway, check it out if you still play, the insight is good.


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