Posted by: shatteredblog | October 18, 2008

More discord, and in other news…

I had a chance to attend some of the Festival of Discord events on Tuesday night, the Troll beauty contest and the pumpkin carving. Everyone who attended was enjoying themselves and the evening went very well.

Satia and Kanad hanging out waiting for the beauty contest to start. It was held just north of the Crossroads, and the hill where the contestants stood was nearly in the pathing range of some nasty wolves, one of which took a liking to the contestants at one point.

Kanad found himself a tombstone to lean on while watching. The fellow who it belonged to didn’t mind of course, he was more upset at the person who pulled up his tombstone to use it as decoration for the festival! In this one you can see the four contestants on the hill. Note that only one of them was a real troll, and she actually ended up winning.

Had to work wednesday and thursday, and then last night was Nostalgia in EQ, so I haven’t been back to the festival. I’m hoping to go tonight though, to see the auction and Guud Eats and the closing ceremonies. Yesterday during the day I worked on Danak faction (which went very quickly with three +12,500 quests at the end of the skyfire questline) and ran around Kylong Plains a bit helping Ellithia get to 72. A fun day, I think. 🙂

Other news I read recently, I know several people are looking forward to the release of Little Big Planet for the PS3. The news yesterday was that it faced a recall due to a song overstepping the boundaries of religious expression. Sources are saying now that the new release will be October 27, only a week from the previous date. I have no strong feelings on the controversy here, except to say that if a religion wishes to keep it’s precepts and sayings to themselves then that is well within their rights and should be respected. Using them as song lyrics when a believer would see it as a kind of idolatry is insensitive and callous.

Enjoy your weekends.

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