Posted by: shatteredblog | October 28, 2008

Rain ~ Experienced

Short day for gaming today, as I went to see Rain: The Beatles Experience play at the Palace Theater here in town. They put on a great show, lasted a little under two hours with an intermission.

The band played five sets with four costume changes, and they hit all the high notes you’d expect them to. There were even a few oldies thrown in for good measure, including “This Boy”, “Girl” and “Day Tripper”. I missed hearing a few of my favorites (“Something” comes to mind… heck, anything from the Yellow Submarine album really) but it was an excellent show. Got a kick out of the production too, for the first two sets (Ed Sullivan and Shea Stadium) they used crowd reactions from those performances blended with actual video of the band performing tonight and reactions from the crowd tonight. Later on the effect was less striking but still very well done.

Today in Everquest I made ring/earring upgrades for my shaman (dwerium, as I’m hoping to be level 65 again soon) and augmented them with crimson nihilite, opal and emerald. I think going max hp and mana is the best route at my level, as with buffs my stats are already capped except for int and cha. Those along with a couple pieces of defiant chain that are super cheap now have my gear in pretty good shape. Now I just need some augments to put in it, hoping to get some from the current batch of hotzones in the near future.

Stargrace already mentioned it but yesterday I started a rogue to play with her new bard. The rogue class isn’t one that I’d played in EQ before but I was having fun stabbing things while Tunyia tanked and our hirelings hopped about and looked for flies. I was disappointed by the showing of the hirelings under level 10, as they didn’t fall into their roles well at all. I’m sure by level 20 all that changes, but from how they behave at level 60 my expectations were very high.

I still would like to see someone with more cash than I do some testing to see how hirelings of different races compare in stats and dps. So far we’ve tried tanks from vah’shir, wood elf and another race that escapes me at the moment and they seem to have widely varying hp and damage dealing capabilities while all being Tier V Apprentice hirelings. Maybe if I find a way to make some cash I’ll work on it, but until then be aware that your gnome tank may be slightly squishier than your barbarian (just examples.)

Good night, for now.

** EDITED, because it was late and I quoted the wrong song title. How embarassing! **


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