Posted by: shatteredblog | November 2, 2008

Azeroth Calling

I decided after seeing how much fun someone else was having in World of Warcraft recently to buy myself a copy of the game and give it a try. I ended up working most of the day friday to cover a vacation day for someone which more than covered the cost of the game, so I think it works out. 🙂

I rolled up a Draenei Paladin to play, and named him Hamal. Playing a tank is out of character for me but in this game it feels right somehow, and I’ve been having alot of fun with the class. So far, Hamal has adventured to level 10 (with some assistance from the Recruit-A-Friend experience bonus) as well as started to learn Fishing and Cooking. When last I left him he was itching to assist the folks of Azure Watch with collecting stag meat for dinner and learning to speak Furbolg in hopes of forming an alliance with the Stillpine north of the encampment. Hamal had a companion for levels 1-9, a mage named Sharatan who I didn’t save a picture of but will for next time.

I also made myself a dwarf hunter not so cleverly named Karamdar. Karam was my original choice but I must have used my luck on Hamal’s name so that’s what I ended up with. Karamdar is level 6, and has visited Ironforge for the first time as you can see in this screenshot. Even in Kunark in EQ2 there aren’t so many people in one place as there were when I ran into Ironforge. It reminded me of the old days in EQ when people would crowd into North Freeport to buy sell and trade.

Having a great time in WoW, and I’m looking forward to playing more. Next stops, questing in the Exodar and Kharanos. You all look forward to it too, ok?



  1. Glad you’re having fun!

  2. Cool Beans! Welcome to World of Warcraft.

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