Posted by: shatteredblog | November 12, 2008



After seeing how much fun someone else was having in Wizard 101 I decided to spend some time trying it out this week. It’s a very well done game, addictive and well paced at early levels. The card battle method of spellcasting is really great, and I’ve enjoyed what I’ve played so far.

My wizard is Thomas DreamShard, and he is currently a level 8 Ice/Death wizard. The combo gives me relatively good damage spells and some solo heals that cost two pips to use. I can’t heal anyone else, but it works well enough. From storebought items in wizard city I have a wand that does Myth damage and an amulet that lets me cast a Storm spell, giving my deck a little versatility when what I’m fighting is resistant to ice or can buff their resistance to it (more common than you’d think.)

It’s a polished game but it’s definitely aimed at younger players. As good as the card system is (and I know the options open up at higher levels) I would have liked to see a better variety of spells to use at a lower level. Ice at later levels gets spells that taunt the enemy off another player, and probably other utility spells that I don’t know about but would like to use and learn how they work. Younger players may need less complexity to get started in the game, but it feels a little unsatisfying to me. Beyond level 8 or so advancement almost requires a subscription as you run out of quests to do in the free area.

Stargrace mentioned having bad experiences grouping and I agree that it is more hit and miss in this game than in others. This is due in part to the lack of a formal group structure and in part to the fact that communication tools in game are quite restricted. It’s only a problem if you let it get on your nerves, as there is plenty to do without help, and when you do get some assistance from others it’s welcome and unexpected.

It’s a great game, beautiful theme and characters and lots of fun to play. It’s left me wanting more, probably by design as they’re looking to sell subscriptions. I’d like to try the classes that are designed as utility (Balance and Life) to see if they have a better mix of low level spells, and I’d like to work through the rest of the content available to an unpaid subscription. If you’re a parent looking for a fun game to play with your kids you’ll enjoy Wizard 101 alot, so please give it a try!

In other news, no WoW today as the eight hour patch from this morning seems to still be going on. It’s pre Lich King time so they probably have their hands full with that. Today was a holiday for the US and Canada though, and having downtime on a holiday never makes anyone happy.

Time for bed here, I hope everyone has a great evening.



  1. Nice to meet you. I was Gorman in game, the noob that got owned in the Tower. Still fun!

  2. My alt is Balance/Death, jewelry and the really expensive robes et al I bought in Wizard City give me a wide variety of other spells, but as you get higher in level high rank spells from outside your primary school become tougher to bring out.

    I’m still not entirely sold on Balance. It is unique — it’s the buff/debuff school — but I think Storm would be a lot more satisfying.

    Since Balance gets an accuracy buff, though, that Storm Shark casts easy.

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