Posted by: shatteredblog | November 12, 2008

Happy 4th Birthday EQ2!

So tonight was the big birthday bash for EQ2’s fourth anniversary, and since it happened to be held on Najena then there was no excuse for the sarnak to miss it. Stargrace, Tipa and I all met up a little early in the guild hall (which has a comfortable lobby now, if you haven’t seen it) and waited for the life of the party himself, Grimwell to come in and start accepting tells to be invited.


The event was held in the Community Lounge, which has a very Desert of Ro feel to it. The part we were in had three rooms, a main room with a pool and musicians, a room with a bar and tables covered with drinks and pies (all clickable), and a room with beds, a masseuse and the ominously named “Keeper of Secrets” who wouldn’t tell me any juicy details. 😛


Grimwell was there handing out gifts for us to take home, including autographed scrolls, stuffed animals, fireworks (and I got a music box!) He switched avatars several times between Lucan, Antonia, a Freeport Knight, random pieces of furniture and even this very cool dragon. All in all, he was a great host so many thanks to him for the party!

I played with fireworks, flirted with the halfling dancers on the piano, laughed at the bards song about alcohol and enjoyed a relaxing massage. I started a few pillow fights, and got hit in the face with a few pies. I may have had a little too much to drink, and may have danced with Grimwell when he was Antonia (it was the alcohol I swear!) Then of course I got sick after drinking the Hair of the Warg trying to cure it (what is IN that stuff? No, don’t tell me…) and generally had a great time.

Happy birthday EQ2! Hope to celebrate with everyone again next year!



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