Posted by: shatteredblog | November 16, 2008


Today was a good day for Everquest 2! Started things off by finally getting Kasul to 140aa, just days before the expansion increases the cap again. Expect a pre-Shadows post about the state of my achievement points soon, but for now I wanted to talk about todays fun.

Spent some time after getting that last aa leveling my poor neglected defiler, he’s now 13. It’s a big level for him, at 12 he got his first ward spell (the app1 version absorbs 140 damage) and at 13 he got Spirit of Wolf which means faster travel for everybody! The full suit of bronze I made for him is still good for a few more levels, but it has little wisdom and anything I get to replace it will probably have to make up for that.

Stargrace and Shadowgeist were running their alts through Fallen Gate and I asked if I could tag along on my coercer (interior decorator!) and group with them. She ended up going from 24 to 26 and picked up the druid ring for the Commonlands on the way, her first Blessed Shrubbery. Wish there was a way to see what shrubberies your character has collected (maybe a Knight in Freeport with the name Ni?) but I’ll just have to remember the hard way I guess.

Kasul got into a Chelsith group after that, and spent a couple hours running through the zone. I had the second quest in the chain to get the Wristwrap of the Culinary Apprentice on me and finished that, so after another trip into the zone with a group willing to kill some out of the way mobs I should be able to finish that and get the upgrade.

To finish the day I ran through the Ring of Scale scenario in Legends of Norrath (again, thanks to Stargrace and Shadowgeist for telling me about it.) Finished Ganak off on the second try, and claimed my reward, then went to see Ganak in game and gloat about it!

eq2_0001751After a tense staredown, he changed his mind about turning me into crispy sarnak and was nice enough to let me pose with him.

eq2_0001762Ganak isn’t so bad, really! 🙂

Next week, achievements and The Shadow Odyssey! Look forward to it, and enjoy the game!


  1. If possible, could you wait to do a crafting dungeon until I get home? I want to do one with guildies and if you do it now, you’ll all be locked out :/

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