Posted by: shatteredblog | November 21, 2008


As promised, a post about the current state of my aa points. Kasul is at 141 points now, and after The Shadow Odyssey released this week I bought a respec to move a few of those into the new tree to give myself a headstart. Notes on my choices after the jump!


My predator tree has a point removed, but is close to it’s final form now. Perfectionist and Poise both purchased, and maximum points in Melee and Damage Spell crit. That missing point will probably go into Parry, to improve my solo play.


The Assassin Tree has three points taken out of it. Pretty standard build here, Excessive Bleeding, Repeated Stabbing and Frontload. New stuff from last time is all in the Poison tree, I took Enhance Hemotoxin, Ignorant Bliss and Apply Poison for the utility. I’ve been lucky though, since that debacle in Chardok I haven’t managed to consistently pull aggro off tanks in group and haven’t had to use the Bliss.


The new Shadow tab, with five points spent so far. I bought Ample Harvest partially because I wanted to do the Harvesting cloak quest and partially because it totally rocks! Being able to get a second harvest about 15% of the time is the coolest thing, and kudos to SOE for giving us the aa to do it. Next up in general will be Bountiful Feast, to save money on good quality foods.

Planning to do a group tradeskill instance with everyone tonight, so I’ll be back to tell you about that sometime this weekend. Until then, be seeing you!


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