Posted by: shatteredblog | November 30, 2008

TSO Tradeskilling Goodness

Been spending alot of time in the past week enjoying the new Tradeskill content released with the Shadow Odyssey. After doing the access quest which was alot of fun and a good introduction to the frendly parts of the Moors of Ykesha you have access to quests offered by the Far Seas trade guild at their outpost in the Village of Shin.

The most fun of these quests if you have friends that tradeskill are the group instances of course. 🙂 These are missions you can do once daily (although the timer seems to be a 24 hour one that is the same for everybody) and they take you to an outpost of people in need of the kind of help a skilled artisan can provide.

Read about the quest to save the gnomish engineering lab from a runaway clockwork after the jump!

eq2_000183Here’s Kasul in the first instance we had a chance to do as a group, helping gnomes build a clockwork to combat another clockwork that had malfunctioned and was tearing up the workshop. The missions are all the same, build items in each of the 9 professions over four rounds to complete the task given, then watch the fun scripted event at the end and collect shiny treasure.

eq2_000184In this picture Dinah and I, worn out from the hard work making pulleys and levers to build the clockwork are watching it take apart the malfunctioning raptor bot. This was taken just before she decided to step in and help out, which earned her the wrath of the Clockwork Champion when the fight was over. Guess he doesn’t like halflings? 😛

The missions are a fixed number of combines that are all at level 70 so they can be done with any number of people. If you have a full or near full group then they are quick and easy, and if you try to do them solo it will take you a few hours but they can still be done. The access quest can be done at Tradeskill level 50, and level 50 characters can also participate in the instances.

eq2_000190It was a good reason for me to level my Carpenter to 50 so she could get in on the fun! She had been stuck at 41 while I worked on aa for the sarnak, but as of Friday she’s level 52 and enjoying doing missions. Here she is helping a dwarf army in Firemyst Gully gear up for a battle with the undead being summoned by a Bloodsabers Shadowknight with Ellithia.

I’m planning to get back into Vanguard for a while so probably will be splitting time between EQ2 and there for a while. The Isle of Dawn was so much fun that it deserves more attention than I’ve been giving it. Hoping to try one of the new Shadow Odyssey instances for void shards soon though, and maybe continue assassination npcs toward getting Kasul’s epic.



  1. Sounds like you’re keeping busy and having lots of fun, that’s great!

  2. That sounds like an awful lot of fun. I don’t have any tradeskillers at 50 yet, but I’m getting there. Nice to have an additional goal.

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