Posted by: shatteredblog | December 3, 2008

Weeknight raiding

eq2_000191Had a chance to join a group doing instanced raids late last night, starting with Pawbuster and moving on to Mistmoore Inner Sanctum. These weren’t raids I had done before, and my gear isn’t great still so I was really expecting to die a bunch. Thankfully that didn’t happen, I only died four times during the night.

Pawbuster wasn’t a fun fight for the dps. He has an AE stifle that I was afflicted with for most of the battle, so I concentrated on staying behind him and hitting abilities whenever the stifle was cured. It’s a duration fight with a scripted ending; you can’t actually kill Pawbuster by depleting his health, you have to get him below 20% then keep him in position until he uses his big jumping smite attack to break open the lock on the floor grate. The group had no problems, and I even won an upgrade from the fight, Bloodthirsty Bangle!

eq2_000192After the Pawbuster fight and some recruiting of new people the raid moved to Mistmoore Castle to challenge the old vampire himself. The trip through was pretty painless, though a lack of dps on Mistmoore had us looking for more people on the wall behind his coffin late in the evening. They had me tank the Tactician’s Armor, which was a new experience for me. I read now that he’s immune to taunts from fighter classes so then a scout tanks by default.

It was a great night for me, really enjoyed myself on the raids. Congrats to everyone who had something dropped or got a mythical epic weapon update from Mistmoore.



  1. Ug, my biggest memory of Pawbuster is camping him for Monk epic in EQ1. I have never done him in EQ2 though…hmmmmmmmmmmmm.

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