Posted by: shatteredblog | December 14, 2008

Frostfell and Instance Fun

Been a busy week in EQ2, Frostfell is live and the quests offered in the Wonderland Village are in the game now and are lots of fun! On Thursday night I had a chance (in between long load times) to do the quest offered by Mr. McScroogle to live through his Frostfell Carol haunting. The maze at the end had me pretty confused but luckily EQ2i was there with a helpful map. Then, Friday morning Stargrace, Shadowgeist and I ran through the Icy Keep instance several times to collect tokens for buying pretty items from the new vendor that takes E’ci tokens.


We also ran through another TSO instance, Nur’oga. It was a long zone, and really difficult… tons and tons of goblins attacking at every turn. The named npcs have some interesting tricks to defeating them, that the group had some trouble with until we worked things out by asking others for hints. I also had the chance to do Deep Forge on Friday, that was alot of fun. The healer in the group actually complimented me on my DPS with no epic, which made my night. Deep Forge has a named that drops bombs as the final boss, which I was worried about after attempting Hollow Tower and dying about 7 times in a row on the first named there from bombs, but with careful movement the fight went pretty easily.

Been playing some Vanguard too recently, working on the Diplomacy questline in Thestra. Expect some chatter about that and other things that are going on here soon!

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