Posted by: shatteredblog | December 19, 2008

Come Back To Vanguard… Before You Loose Your Accent

Heading to bed but I wanted to post a quick note to get the word out about something super special that the Vanguard team is doing!

If you used to play and have an account that’s been inactive for 45 days, they’ve reactivated your account and are offering free play through January 31st!

Go and read up on all the details, as well as about the new things added in the game at



  1. I tried a free trial of Vanguard, and I’m kinda left somewhere in the middle of the fence between liking it and hating it*which is painful..the fence is a bad place*. At first it seems like a WoW clone, but some of the more interesting aspects*boats, freedom to explore anywhere, etc* really appeal to me.

    Hmmm, maybe I’ll give it another try.

    • Thanks for the comment! Did you play through the scenarios on the Isle of Dawn? It’s a great introduction to the game and the three spheres of advancement for your character. Playing through the entire thing gives you a great headstart for Diplomacy and Crafting later on too.

      The big thing I ran into after leaving the Isle of Dawn was how do you know where to go next, it gives you the choice of anywhere the riftway can take you but little guidance after that. I was lucky to have a friend to point the way for me, but if you don’t it can be a little overwhelming. I’ll make a post with tips maybe to get people on their feet, there are a few easy things you can do that really help alot.

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