Posted by: shatteredblog | December 19, 2008

Random Vanguard Funnyness

vanguardb-20081218-155156Been “horse”ing around in Vanguard recently, though of course it isn’t all fun and games. I applied to the guild Safe Haven, a great bunch of folks to chat with and ask questions about the game of. They have some adventuring characters around below level 20 also, so I’m hoping to get to group with them sometime too.

Recently I’ve been doing Diplomacy, and Kanad is now level 13. I ran through the Thestra web quests, a long looping chain that takes you from one of the outlying cities in Thestra through to New Targonor, and then back to start in another small city. The quests are repetitive but I enjoyed piecing out each bit of the puzzle as I traveled from Rindol Field to Bordinar’s Cleft, then Leth Nurae and finally Halgarad. The reward for all this is a suit of gear with great bonuses to presence for Academic, Domestic, Outsider and Soldier… much better than what I was wearing. It also gave a great tour of Thestra and the major cities in it. I was a little overwhelmed the first time I went to New Targonor, but now it’s much more familiar.

When I started I was level 11, from the Island of Dawn quest chain and from some civic diplomacy. About halfway through the web quests I hadn’t yet gained a level, so after looking at VGtact I found out that the low level parleys I was doing in the quest chain were giving me 1/10 of the experience a parley of my level would give me. To gain experience in a timely fashion you almost have to do civic diplomacy, so I found some guards in Leth Nurae of level 10 and 12 and worked on them for a while. Levels 12 and 13 came easily that way.

Having alot of fun in Vanguard! I’m really looking forward to getting level 15, as there are a few npcs I can parley with at that level who give nice rewards. I’m also looking forward as I said to working on my adventure levels too, and learning more about the world and the shaman class. Spent some time with the fishing minigame last night too, it is fun and seems like a good way to make some coin while relaxing. If you just can’t wait for me to write about it, check out Stargrace’s new wall trophy!

More screenshots and stories of adventure next time!


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