Posted by: shatteredblog | January 3, 2009

Post Holiday Roundup

Was away visiting my parents for a while over the holidays but back this week and playing again! Have done TSO instances and some other things recently, so here’s a recap.

eq2_000204I decided it was about time to work on Transmuting, as I’d been doing it piecemeal on Oracia since I created her. Decided to go the costly route and buy rare stuff from the broker to make into mastercrafted gear and then transmute. Skill 100 was easy to get this way, and I’ve been doing pretty well since then too. Currently, I’m at 129 skill with around 150 combines worth of Tier 1 materials saved to work with. I’ve spent around 3 platinum on Tier 1 rares from the broker, mostly yarrow and severed alder. Debating on whether to buy loams and soft metal now that I have a good amount of lapis fragments though, the low chance of getting a powder from a treasured item will probably make it more cost effective in the long run.

eq2_000206I’ve also been working on carpentry. This is a screen of Oracia using a tradeskill instance to gain experience. After 45 minutes this session I had used the 62% vitality I went in with, made  71 cabin furnishings and went from level 60 – 62. The materials are free and the combines in your tradeskill class go really quickly, plus there’s the chance to get a Tier 8 rare from a Far Seas Innovation reaction. Not a bad way to skill, wish it gave status to help the guild though.

Speaking of the guild Nostalgia is now 36 and one step closer to new amenities! The broker and buyer we added at level 35 are amazingly convenient, they were very good choices. Hoping we can get there soon, as having a place to store tradeskill materials will be very very nice too.

Kasul has been doing alot of TSO instances, went into Miragul’s Phylactery: Scion of Ice for the first time the other day. Hard zone for an assassin, as the mobs are mostly the “broken pillars” and bookminions that you can never tell which side you’re facing. I died a couple times from riposte and frontal ae damage. I’ve been back to Deep Forge and Crucible a few times, and also have done Crypt of Agony recently hoping for a Carotidcutter. No luck yet.

The other weapon upgrade I’d like is the epic, which after last night I’m a couple kills closer to. Stargrace has a great writeup of our trip into Chelsith for Petite’s update, then Unrest and Lesser Faydark for mine. I really want to thank everyone for helping with the kills, it means alot to have friends willing to go in and hunt things with me for the quest. Next in my quest is Neriak, followed by Freeport, Chelsith, Sebilis, Jarsath Wastes… long way to go still, and very little of it I can do solo.

That’s it for me, heading to bed then work in the morning. Hope everyone had a great Christmas and New Year’s Eve!

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