Posted by: shatteredblog | January 5, 2009

Far Seas Supply Division Compendium

I spent alot of time this morning searching around for a place to see the items tradeskillers can make using the faction recipes from the Far Seas Supply Division merchant in Mara. This was in response to asking myself, “Self, Kasul needs a new weapon and I wonder what the weapons from the Far Seas faction recipes look like?”

Not finding any central listing but able to find the items catalogued on Zam and LootDB, I decided to make a post so you could see all of them in one place if it strikes your fancy. Hope it helps someone out there, I think it’s already helped me pick out a couple upgrades.

Image intensive, so the rest is after the jump. 🙂

Alchemist Recipes

alchemist-vol1alchemist-vol2Not a clue what these take to make, but fairly nice neckpieces.

Have the info from someone who was nice enough to make me a cloak! These take bit of moldering cadaver flesh from the Befallen instances

Armorer Recipes

armorer-vol1armorer-vol2These both take chunk of void metal to create, which is fairly cheap on the broker on Najena. I assume it comes from the void instances in the Moors of Ykesha, if I’m wrong please correct me.

Carpenter Recipes

carpenter-vol1carpenter-vol2These recipes require bloodwood plank which can be found in the Loping Plains instances. These are quite expensive on Najena at the time of writing.

Jeweler Recipes

jeweler-vol1jeweler-vol2The jeweler pieces are the only ones I have solid information about, as that’s Kasul’s tradeskill class. These require Najenaar Zircon, which drops in the Lavastorm instances. The Band of Defense requires three and the Band of Elements requires one.

Provisioner Recipes

provisioner-vol1provisioner-vol2The charm items are really nice, comparable to the charms available on the void shard merchants and much better than most quested charms. These require bunch of white rowan berries that are crazy expensive on Najena right now.

Sage Recipes

sage-vol1sage-vol2These require frosted rune which by conjecture would drop in the Everfrost instances.

Tailor Recipes

tailor-vol1tailor-vol2The melee cloak here is really nice, and I want one! Both items require Sathirian shroud.

Weaponsmith Recipes

weaponsmith-vol1weaponsmith-vol2Again, these both take chunk of void metal to create. These were the items I looked up to start this crazy quest, and I would use the sword over my current offhand, if I could find a weaponsmith to make one! 🙂

Woodworker Recipes

woodworker-vol1woodworker-vol2These recipes require bloodwood plank to create. The bow is quite nice, but bloodwood is quite expensive.

Now, keep in mind before you run off to bug your local tradeskiller that these recipes require oodles of faction with Far Seas Supply Division to buy, and that’s hard to come by now if you didn’t do the first weekly quest that gave 20,000 faction by itself (since then the weeklies have given 2,000 faction). They are also charged recipes, and will vanish from your spellbook after five uses. Once they’re used you can buy them again which takes the tokens received from tradeskill instances.

Good luck to anyone looking for crafters to make these, and hope my list helps someone. I’m willing to make the jeweler rings on Kasul for anyone who wants them, just grab your zircon and send me a tell.

Happy adventuring!



  1. Wow Kasul what a wonderful rundown.

    I hope you dont mind but I am going to link from my Blog

    • Of course I don’t mind, I was hoping for others to find it and then know what to ask for! 🙂

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  3. […] those recipes (each with five charges) makes? Well, take a peek over at Kasul’s site, he has a post  all about them here. There are some pretty amazing items that crafters can make though the components are going for a […]

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