Posted by: shatteredblog | January 15, 2009

Adding to the Family

eq2_000216Since WoW has bee sitting unused for a month or so now I decided to redirect the money toward a second EQ2 account. That was a few days ago now, and Karam the Templar has 26 hours played and is level 41. I’ve been using the assassin to tank for him through Timorous, then Wailing Caves and Fallen Gate, then Steamfont and now Everfrost. The goal here is to have fun and get a little support for when I just can’t solo a quest on the assassin. Step 1 is get him some levels, and then Step 2 is get him some gear and spells! 🙂

Lots of instance fun the last few days. I got into a group that cleared Scion of Ice pretty easily, after figuring out the trick to the last named and his aoe. I’ve been to Crucible, Anathema, Deep Forge and Guk: Lower Corridors recently as well.


As Stargrace mentioned I was lucky enough to get some friends together to work on my epic some last night also. Killed a rogue from the Ebon Mask to send a message that the Freeport Emissaries are growing in strength. What was unexpected is that he dropped a book in a language I’ve never seen before. Hopefully the Preceptor will be able to assist in the translation of the document. Many thanks to Eyenstein, Tipa, Stargrace and Shadowgeist for coming along to Neriak for the kill.

Have a good day everyone, stay warm.



  1. Congratulations again on the kill, and I hope you’re having fun with the baby templar!

  2. How are you finding the aa side of things?

    My baby dirge is only level 27 and I think I have longer play time than your 26 hours…. 😦

  3. AA on the assassin is moving pretty slowly, I’m only at 166. That puts me two points from completing the Predator line the way I have them spent currently. I think I’m going to need to get a few extra points before I can buy assassin line abilities too.

    The templar has been strictly powerleveled, he doesn’t have anything spent yet, though he has 23 points. He’ll probably be low in stats and aa by the time he gets to 50, but that wasn’t my initial goal for him… it can come later.

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