Posted by: shatteredblog | January 19, 2009

Keys and Updates

As usual I’m days late with my post for exciting stuff, I really need to get in the habit of writing when I get home from work. I tried writing before I go to work in the morning but it didn’t work so well.

On Thursday I was invited to go along with Ascarey the pickup raiding coalition on a Chamber of Destiny raid. It’s the secret chamber near Chelsith that the Yah Lei use to worship their “god”, the Leviathan.


I’m told that it used to be difficult to gain access to this zone, that it required a key recieved from raiding lower tier zones in RoK. Now all those restrictions are lifted and the only remaining key in the expansion is the one to VP, which requires a Leviathan kill. Here’s a shot of the raid waiting to engage the big guy.

eq2_000221We were able to kill Leviathan with little trouble, after an initial wipe that was necessary to farm the fluids needed. It got me the key to Veeshan’s Peak, and it got Tipa the second raid boss for her mythical Ayonic Axe. After Leviathan Ascarey was moving on to Veeshan’s Peak but I wasn’t asked to come so that left me open to join a friends raid on Thuuga for another mythical epic update.

Thuuga is a tomb, overrun by drachnid who are conducting some strange ritual. They’re lead by the Widowmistress, who happens to be the first raid boss for a few epic quests (Assassin included). I was asked to go along by Kirkland and Shanej, for Kirk’s mythical update. It was a good raid, no pictures sadly.

In other news I’m a couple steps closer to my epic weapon, had a group get together to do Stonestair Byway and Teren’s Grasp on friday night. Next for me is another trip into Sebilis, which may take some time to get a group for. Here’s hoping though, only a few more zones to go.

Enjoy your MLK day if you’re in the US, or your monday if you are not!



  1. Sounds like your Leviathan raid went sooooo smoothly, I have heard so many horror stories about Leviathan and getting flagged for VP I am quite jealous :p

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