Posted by: shatteredblog | January 23, 2009

The Fang of Ichor

I was a mystery that I stumbled across by accident. Picking a fight with a rogue of the Ebon Mask to show superiority of my assassins guild vs theirs. The tome he carried in a language noone seemed to know was unexpected but once the book was in my hands the rumors started to flow about what it was and that there might be another.

eq2_000222Another rogue died, and another tome was recovered. In order to judge their usefulness and test the rumor that the Ebon Mask was searching for a weapon that could kill the Overlord I needed to get the tomes translated. I left Freeport for a while, and eventually found an old man living in a village near the Thundering Steppes.

The old man had the first key to the tomes, but someone had recorded a secret that was worth protecting. The Sul’dal text that the old man could translate was only a cypher, and the real text of the tome was written in an older language, Shisik.

eq2_000223Shisik, the language of the snake men disappeared from Norrath when their race fled from the Greenmist in the great war of Kunark. The leader of the rebuilt Sathirian empire Venril had outlawed the study of the language within his domain, so finding an iksar who could assist me required threats and stealth. Eventually a suitable scholar was found, and the last enchantment on the tome was broken with the second death of Drusella Sathir.

The translated tome spoke of a potent weapon, forged in the demiplane of Torment by the Goddess of Pain herself, Saryrn. This weapon according to the tome was left in a watery temple, so off to the domain of the Leviathan I and my group went.

The chest that contained the weapon revealed itself after the limbs of the Leviathan were forced back into the depths, but it turned out to contain only an amulet and was guarded by a fierce Droag. Putting two and two together my team rushed to Skyfire and used the amulet to call back the guardian the dragons had given the weapon to to keep it from mortal hands. The battle was a fierce one, but the mighty Droag fell on the steps of Veeshan’s Peak and I had my prize.

eq2_000225eq2_000227Back in Freeport I was directed to the base of operations for the Emissaries to meet with the Controller. In the base I was hailed as a celebrity, everyone had heard of my exploits with the dragons and commented as such. The Controller himself rewarded me with safekeeping of the weapon and the promise of more tasks to do for the assassins guild. And the Fang of Ichor was warm in my claws, and thirsted to poison the blood of my enemies.

eq2_000228Many thanks again to everyone who made this possible, and to the SOE team for a well written and exciting quest.


  1. Wonderful story, and grats again đŸ™‚

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