Posted by: shatteredblog | January 28, 2009

Shard of Hate and other fun stuff

eq2_000232I had a chance to join the folks from Supernatural on a Shard of Hate raid on Saturday, after missing Ascarey due to the early start time. Shard of Hate is an amazingly detailed zone, the atmosphere is really evocative of the original Plane of Hate from Everquest. The raid was quite a bit of fun, we went through and killed the three named for the mender quest in the zone then moved to the five sisters as they had already cleared other named there earlier in the week.

The sisters present an interesting challenge as they periodically call out a tank archetype and then expect you to provide that type of tank for them to smack around. It didn’t go well for our raid, so that was where we ended the night.

eq2_000234Over the weekend I also made a character on Kithicor to play in Eclipse with Stargrace and Gnewton. My little ranger Hamal is now level 35 and is moving through the levels quite nicely for not being on the account with the 10% exp bonus from the assassin.

Cold and snowy where I am today, I’m glad for the day away from work. Hope everyone is staying safe and warm where you are.

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