Posted by: shatteredblog | February 25, 2009

One more six and…

Stargrace tagged a few people for a screenshot meme and I know I’ve been absent a while so this is a good way to jump back in to writing! Lots has happened in the game, and Kasul has made great strides but that can wait… first the screenies!

So I don’t arrange my screenshots into subfolders, so what I did was pull the sixth from each of my current EQ2 folder and two old EQ folders for you to see. It’s not quite the same as the meme but I think it’s cool anyway.

fear2First is an old screenshot from the Plane of Fear. I have no idea when it was taken but it must have been pre2004 from the way the UI is arranged. The Shard of Fear in EQ2 is really very similar to the old zone except for the massive raid wiping trains that game was known for. I’d only been there a few times in EQ, once for my epic and a couple other times helping other people.


This one I do remember, because it was one of the highlights of my EQ experience back then. This is from the City of Mist on the raid that got me my Spear of Fate, the old Shaman epic weapon. At the time I was a member of Sularus Oth Mithas and the group included many folks from the guild and some others who were friends or friends of friends. It was an amazing experience to have those people willing to come together and help me, and I’m grateful to all of them for it still. Even though we’ve lost touch.

eq2_000006And this one is screenshot 6 out of my EQ2 folder, which was one of the first times (maybe the first time?) I rode the griffon from Timorous Deep to Butcherblock. It’s dated 5/23/08 which would have been eight days from the time I created Kasul. The beauty of Norrath never ceases to amaze me, and this screen is no exception.

Well, next time I promise to have stuffs about what’s been happening recently. I’ve been raiding with a group called Ascarey three nights a week, and I’m really a better player for it. But, that can wait until next time. πŸ™‚

See you in the game, everyone.



  1. Love the screen shots!!

  2. I used to run raids for United Norrath Coalition — we were actually part of a two guild alliance with Legion of Fate. Anyway. I used to run planes raids, and we would have to get going REALLY early because we were a PST guild and there was nothing stopping another guild from clearing a zone ahead of us. Actually what would usually happen would be some uber guild came in and cleared the golems and CT in, say, Fear. But sometimes they would be up.

    One day, we got in and everything was up. EVERYTHING. So I had everyone do the standard run to the North wall, right?

    Six hours later, we finished the CR.

    And that was the last Fear raid I ran πŸ™‚

    Now City of Mist — I love that zone! Even I couldn’t screw up a CoM raid :)))

  3. Yeah, I remember doing that in Fear, more than once actually. πŸ™‚ I was never with a group that killed Cazic, only the golems and things for epic updates.

    City of Mist was a great zone, but I remember that the night I got my epic I died at the beginning of the fight against Rak’Ashiir and I just lay there while everyone else killed it for me.

    Ah, the memories… πŸ™‚

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