Posted by: shatteredblog | March 2, 2009

Secrets Man Was Not Meant to Know

Was going to post this yesterday, but it got lost in the construction that’s going on over in the Warehouse 23 Basement … yeah, that’s my story. πŸ™‚ Anyway, it’s overdue.

Tipa mentioned the new items that are for sale in the Marketplace, and there are a few helms that are worth looking at. Since the post I made about the Halloween black mask there have been several new helms I’ve seen that show on the sarnak, which I think is really cool and something that was needed. Quality for many of these is questionable though, I thought I’d show you the pictures and let you decide.

Pictures after the jump!


First is something from Frostfell, a Tanned Frostfell Elf Cap. This is the brown version, there were a couple other elf caps available. Festive, but not great for everyday wear. I don’t have pictures, but the other Halloween masks were also usable by sarnak, with results similar to other races (just like /cutemode Lucan or Antonia).

eq2_000248Of the four new Marketplace helms, three of them show on a sarnak. This is The Good Gear Man’s Hat, which is a really cool little sailing hat.

eq2_000249This great little number is McJona’s Helm of the North, which if I weren’t an assassin I would wear all the time. It’s the first of these helms that really seems to have a separate graphic for the sarnak, because you can see the noseguard is fitted to the sarnak snout. It’s well done, and I hope future helms come the way this one did.

Now, I hesitate to show you this last one, it’s truly awful. But, since Tipa mentioned it here’s the Sinci’s Hood of Death (which really does look cute on Brightknife in a murderous sort of way) on the sarnak.

eq2_000250I’m hoping that didn’t scar you for life, I know it did me. Anyway, if anyone knows about any others (I remember seeing a priest helm from TSO that had a cool graphic but the name escapes me now… I’m sure there are others) then let me know, always looking for a new way to stand out.

And I wanted to give a shout out to my friend Gnewton who has a new blog up on WordPress. Go and read, he has great insights and every once in a while I’m sure some game news will sneak in there!

Have a great night, everyone.


  1. Hrms. That last one… yeah… not for the sarnak!

    The sailors cap on the other hand, I actually REALLY like, lol. On all the characters I’ve seen it on so far. It’s just so cute.

  2. LOL I need to take a look at some of those hats… Egon would look… uh… SMASHING! in the sailor’s cap πŸ™‚

    Thanks for the plug!!!

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