Posted by: shatteredblog | March 12, 2009

Happy Brewday!

Brewday is happening in EQ2 today through the 19th, so wishing everyone a very happy Brewday! I haven’t been out to see the quests and items available but I plan to sometime soon.

There are two new helms and a new armor set available in the Marketplace, as you may have seen modeled by gnomes on another blog. I wanted to post pics of the helms as they appear on a Sarnak for anyone who may be interested.

Pictures after the jump again!

eq2_000253First, as worn by the well dressed wizard of 2009 is the Concordium’s Apprentice Cap. This is a pretty standard wizard’s cap but notice how much better the fit is on this as opposed to the Frostfell Cap I posted before on this subject.

eq2_000254Probably much more exciting is the dashing Freethinker’s Abomination Hunting Hat. This looks good on the Sarnak, with the brim pulled low over the eyes and the leather faded and worn to perfection. This one may be the one that gets me to spend some money in the Marketplace!

The new Beckett Massive Online Gamer is out to subscribers now with the cover story tribute to Everquest’s 10th Anniversary. Along with the excellent interview are codes for a familiar in EQ and a house item in EQ2. I punched in my code and /claimed the statue, but it seems there was a problem with the delivery:

delayedHopefully those lazy bards get the statues delivered to magazine subscribers soon. The tiny picture in the magazine shows a smart looking gold statue of Nagafen sitting on a blue and white stone pedestal, very sharp. I’ll post a picture of it here when it does arrive. /tapfoot

Outside of EQ2 I’ve been spending some time in City of Heroes with Tipa. I’ve been playing a Brute, which is the tank archetype and really enjoying it. My Brute is a level 7 Magic Dual Sword/Willpower named Adversarious. There’s a video of our adventure in the pit of the Snake leader over on YouTube if anyone is interested, go check out Clearing a snake nest in City of Villains.

Bye for now, everyone.

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