Posted by: shatteredblog | March 19, 2009

Vacation Randomness

Just some random thoughts today, since I’m gaming withdrawn and don’t have any playtime to talk about.

Lots of buzz this week that I’m just now catching up on. Have you all seen this story about Cryptic using messages on the NCSoft forums to plug the Champions Online beta? It reminds me of a person loitering in a store passing out flyers for a competing store while pretending to shop, and it’s honestly very unprofessional. ~~~ New updates on this over at Broken Toys, along with commentary by the master of snarky commentary. Snark from Lum is all in good fun, but snark from the Cryptic community manager? Just in bad taste, and disrespectful of both the existing CoX community and those interested in Champions.~~~


I managed to get a picture of an anole that wasn’t awful. It’s high on my wish list this year to buy a real digital camera. While my cell phone doesn’t do an awful job it is far from a useful camera. On the schedule for today is an evening show of The Watchmen, which will be my second time seeing it. I bought the graphic novel to read after seeing it the first time, not too far along yet but really enjoying it.

Twitter hates me today. I think other people may still be able to see the tweets I’ve made today but on my page they’ve all disappeared, along with the replies to them. It’s a vast twitter conspiracy!

I have played a few hours of the Star Ocean: Second Story remake for the PSP now, and I’m really enjoying it. The story portions of the game are now fully voiced, and the text has been retranslated. Most noticeable change from the playstation original is the character portraits have all been redesigned and are really quite cute now. The new style suits the game quite well, and it’s brought back the old magic I remember from the first time I played through the game.

Had an offer from wordpress to ‘upgrade’ my blog to on the dashboard today. Sounds a little too much like I’m trying to merchandise it with that URL doesn’t it? Thanks for the suggestion, but maybe not.

Hope everyone is enjoying their day, and not working too hard.

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