Posted by: shatteredblog | March 20, 2009

Open Spellborn Beta!

As you may have already seen elsewhere The Chronicles of Spellborn has entered open beta as of this morning! To get involved there are two links you need, first the activation page to activate your Acclaim account for Spellborn and then the download page to download the game client. I know I’m really excited about this, and I know what the remainder of my weekend will be spent doing when I get home! 🙂

Super-Spellborn Fan Tipa has been in the closed beta and has played the EU version of the game so for her experiences of the game and its classes go check out her Chronicles of Spellborn category. Promise I’ll have more useful info here too once I have a chance to play the game!


  1. Woot! Thanks for the trackback (but the link is a little hosed, two https?)

    Hope you have a good trip back. Maybe see you online tonight? Tomorrow morning if not.

    I’m on the PvP server, btw. Dunno if I’ll stay, not sure how ganky things get, but I figured I’d start there.

  2. Looks like I fixed it… not sure how both links to westkarana were hosed but the acclaim links weren’t 0_o

    I’m hoping to be back tomorrow morning, but that all depends on when we leave and the pace we set when we do. 🙂

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