Posted by: shatteredblog | March 24, 2009


Had a chance to try out City of Heroes’ new Issue 14 update on the test server tonight with Tipa on her mastermind. On the Villains side of the game this is a building on Mercy Island, and we picked out a couple missions to try this evening.

The first one was an open grassy area, supposedly a dig site occupied buy super archaeologists. It was quite difficult for the two of us, though I know as a lackey I wasn’t helping much to begin with. We cleared and sneaked to a boss named Doc North, who alternately immobilized, stunned and blinded us while the four or so other sci-ency types jumped on us. Several deaths later, we went looking for a new mission.

Had better luck with the second one, the theme was slaughtering a warehouse full of Happy Jack fast food clowns led by Jack Box and McArchvillain (modeled off beloved corporate mascots of course.) The clowns were white and blue and were far less threatening than the previous mission.

cohts-20090324-225909We worked to clear out the warehouse until we came face to face with McArchvillain himself, who promised not to go down without a fight. He had a little surprise for us when he did fall… three Mini Macs spawned and attacked! Thanks to the efforts of the brave ninja swarm they too fell.

cohts-20090324-230130Clearing and finishing the mission gained me 76 architect tickets so I went to browse the merchant to see what was available. A custom badge, leveled enhancements (cheap at level 5!) and unlockable maps and enemies for your own mission making were all reasonably priced. The unlockable extras were 30-50 tickets, and enhancements for me were 15 each for a level 8 training enhancement. Not bad at all!

Really looking forward to seeing what others are able to come up with. After the first mission I worried that people would be making them all super difficult that way, but the second mission was quite enjoyable to play through.

Until next time, sleep well everyone!


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  2. There are some pretty nice missions out there; some are definitely of the lets-him-the-as-hard-as-possible, but there are many with more reasonable pace also.

    I had good fun with an arc fighting the crazy 88 (from Kill Bill) and some boss mobs which were very similar (but with different names) to Gogo Yubari, Johhny Mo etc. Unfortunately it seems it bugged out before I could reach “Cottonballs” though.

    I have also fought undead dragons, evil cupids, cowboys, Lara Croft-wannabes, Canadian hockey players and various other fun combinations of enemy groups.

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