Posted by: shatteredblog | April 28, 2009

Test Models, Crummy Pictures

Worked a bit this week on painting up some models to test my technique and paint scheme. So far I’m happy with what I have but trying to find tricks to make things go quicker… an average tyranid force is well over 40 models and painting the way I’m doing the test models will take quite a while. It’s a work in progress though, and it’s fun so no complaints 🙂

I decided on a blue/gray palette for my army, taking some inspiration from the method used to paint Hive Fleet Leviathan in the current codex. Where they are using purple to shade and line the armor plates I want to use blue on the armor and a scab red wash on the  joints and squishy bits.

My three test models are a genestealer, a termagant with fleshborer and a hormagaunt. I wanted to see how the painting would be for each basic troop type as they all have very different designs and armor plate coverage and features. To begin I sprayed them with black primer (Armory Black) and after dry touched up the undersides and any missed areas with chaos black. Using all Citadel paints for now, as what’s what I had available at my hobby store.

That was last week, tonight I started work on the body portions of my models. I first made a diluted scab red wash (4:1 with water approximately)and brushed it into the joints and crevasses on the body. This took several coats to get the effect I wanted, which probably means my wash was too dilute… and finding things like that out is why we do test models in the first place.

After the wash I began painting all non armor or claw/tooth/hoof areas on the models with my first gray coat. This is a 1:1 mixture of chaos black and codex gray, with no added water. The effect is subtle but this is only the first coat, I’m planning two and a highlight on top of it still.

04-28-09_2049The pictures from my cell phone look a bit better with light and a few filters but I know they’re still pretty awful. Thankfully a good friend may be loaning me a camera to help that problem, so I’m hopeful I’ll actually be able to show you some decent pictures sometime soon.

Another picture, the hormagaunt this time!

04-28-09_2002I didn’t get to the genestealer tonight but he’s going to take a little different approach anyway so I’m not worried about it. I’ll save him for another night. Hope you enjoyed the pictures, and come back next time to see my progress!


  1. Coming along nicely!

  2. Wow that brings back memories. We use to paint those growing up but they were made of lead. I remember as a kid that something so small couldn’t weigh so much. Now I am going to have to go find my old D&D stuff. I think i still have the ORIGINAL Dungeons & Dragons Boxed Set from 1974. Lol 😉

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