Posted by: shatteredblog | May 29, 2009

The Call of the Peacock

Wpus, my conjuror friend said during the last quest that “Anashti’Sul is creepy.” Well, I think I’d come across creepy too if I had spent so long banished to the Void by the other gods of the pantheon of Norrath, only to come back and find that an impostor, an upstart had claimed my role as the Prime Healer and was living in my Plane of Health. I might be quite upset, but luckily for Anashti’Sul the death of her armies and the murder of her followers are not an obstacle. Kasul, fresh from his move to the Kithicor server ran all the deity quests for the latest returning goddess last night.



It seems the followers of Anashti on Norrath, the Fellowship of the Peacock had been scattered and hunted after their patron was banished. The first quest in the deity line has you gathering books that relate to the story of the goddess, and then finding her followers (alive and undead). The descriptions of the books you collect I thought were very well written and provocative, especially in the case of Sathir owing his gift of unlife not to whichever patron deity gave him the secret but the originator of those secrets.

After gathering the followers the next quest in the sequence involves gathering intelligence on two gods who may be rivals of the returning goddess. To do this, the quest invokes something I find the coolest ever… it has you create a potion of Waking Dream and take it to the resting place of the prophet of Rodcet Nife, the Seeress Ealaynya Ithis. As I was a follower of Bertox at the time of the world event in which she died and I wasn’t able to have a hand in it, the thought of raising her to the glory of Anashti was really exciting to me. Potion in hand, into the sewers of Qeynos I went.EQ2_000265


She indeed led and inspired people once, and now she shall again. So amazingly cool. After raising the Seeress the second quest has you search for the evidence of Bertoxxulous in the Thundering Steppes that were once plagued and in Zek where recent activities had inoculated some orcs against a plague (a great nod to the Bertox quest Some Testing Required, that I remembered doing previously and really enjoyed seeing again).

And, as I go back to see it now the reanimating of the Seeress is also a link to the last of the new Rodcet Nife quests, Once in Life as Well in Undeath. That explains why the reanimated Seeress doesn’t make another appearance, and is even more cool!

Breaking my writeup of this into two posts, so look forward to the next one. From here, the peacock calls Kasul back to the Stilled Sea, to gather her armies in advance of her return.


  1. Congratulations on getting a new deity! Hehe. The quest sounds pretty neat.

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